Chemical peels are stronger solutions made from various grades of acid that strips your skin of the outer layers of dull, dead skin cells while boosting collagen production and elastin. These chemicals vary in their depth of penetration, so they can be used to target specific concerns. Usually, the stronger the peel, the deeper it will penetrate the skin. This means that post treatment effects are more severe.


How Will the Treatment Feel?


Chemical peel treatments often cause a stinging sensation while the application is being done and there are a variety of degrees of skin flaking after treatment. It might be mild, fine flaking or rather severe flaking called sheeting. These effects are caused by your skin forming new layers. Chemical peels can be mild or aggressive.


What can I expect to happen to my skin after treatment?


You can expect redness, dry skin and some peeling for up to a week following your peel. Your skin may feel sunburned. You absolutely must not pick at or rub the peeling skin or scarring could result. In most cases, you can wear make-up to cover this. You may also use an unscented moisturiser to alleviate the tight sensation of your skin, plus a mild steroid cream or ointment may be applied to soothe any redness or temporary swelling.


Want to find out more?


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